BFE Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, a measurement of filtration efficiency of filtration systems for surgical face masks.

BFE99% Disposable Surgical Face Mask

We are a professional manufacturer of disposable surgical face masks with the capacity of 1,000,000pcs per day made by automatic machines per day with the no-dust clean room workshop.


1, Anti-Flu, with a filter encased in 3 layers of non-woven fabrics

2, With elastic ear loops of straps and a nose piece of plastic wrapped aluminum strip

3, High fluid and respiratory protection

4, Light weight, easy to pack for convenience

5, Ideal for Protection and comfort for the surgical team

6, Suitable for yard work, house cleaning, sickrooms, infant and elderly care and etc

7, Color: white, blue, green and other according to customer demand

8, Tie On and Ear Loop (round or flat elastic)

9, Standard mask size: 17.5cm*9.5cm Standard Ear loop Length: 17-18cm

10, BFE95%, BFE99% filter paper and Normal filter paper.

11, Used in Hospital or by normal citizen, Approved CE & ISO certificates

12, Package: 50PCS/INNER BOX, 500PCS/CTN, 1000PCS/CTN, 2000PCS/CTN,


Conforms to EN14683:2005 type II standards with CE0197 marking.

Non-woven material with air permeability.

Nelson test in USA: 99%

Flat type, 3-ply pleated design, outside ear-loop.

white with water resistant or many colors choices.

Nose barrette: single iron with plastic or many choices.

Size:17.5*9.5cm or according to the willing of clients.

Sterilization method: Gamma radiation

Package ways: 1pcs/clean paper bag or 1 pcs/printed paper bag.

Suitable for OR.ER,patient care areas, oral, clinics, isolation, IC practices, pharmacy, patient dental procedures, pharmacy.


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